Catalogue "Korczowski/Kantor"

Bogdan Korczowski was born in 1954 in Cracow. In 1978 he graduated from the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts in the studio of professor Wlodzimierz Kunz. He made his debut at the "Nowa Ruda" festival in 1974 with his performance "White Bike" ("Bialy Rower"), inspired by Tadeusz Kantor's theatrical happenings. Over the years, Bogdan Korczowski has devoted a significant chunk of his work to Kantor's legacy, including a series of painting installations between 1990- 2000, entitled "Kartonteka".

Exposition Galeria Renes / Program, Warszawa 2000

Korczowski "Karton dla K" 1990 Galeria Program Warszawa

Bogdan Korczowski "Kartonteka" 1990 Kolekcja BWA Lublin